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Ravinia Pavilion | Highland Park, Illinois

Michael Feinstein

Oldies, romance, and trip down to the heydays of old-school cabaret music. All of this is coming to The Pavilion at Ravinia on Sunday 23rd June 2024. Michael Feinstein, along with songs from the Great American Songbook, will headline this event in Highland Park, Illinois. Feinstein is known as one of the greatest music conservationists of this era. He’s basically dedicated his entire life to preserving some of the greatest classics in American music.

While the Pavilion at Ravina is a venue that’s crafted perfectly for classic music nights, we must also remember that Feinstein is a cabaret performer at heart. He’s an expert at guiding audiences smoothly through the highs and lows of his own concert. Don’t expect a set full of lively music that’s going to have everyone in the lawn area dancing. There are going to be times during the show when Feinstein will step up to the piano and play a somber classic piece masterfully. In those moments, it’s the silence that you’ll be able to enjoy from the stands or the garden area. Click the get tickets button to secure your spot in what promises to be an incredible night.

Michael Feinstein worked alongside the Gershwin brothers, a duo of composers who created many of the best songs of the early 20th century from a young age. Feinstein already had experience working in piano bars before meeting the brothers. There’s no question, though, that his time with legends of the past has shaped his entire career. This close relationship has led him to devote his life to music conservation. It’s the reason why you can expect to hear a bunch of classic songs from the early 20th century all the way through the 60s in The Pavilion at Ravina in June. You probably won’t hear anything past the 60s in his lineup.

Unless he decides to also use some of the tunes that he’s created as a collaborator for Broadway shows. As a bar owner, he also helped jump-start the careers of some prominent names, particularly in jazz. It’s that cabaret performer in him that also makes an appearance from time to time on stage. He’ll have even the people in the front rows who may come dressed in a suit, stopping their feet to the tunes of some of his best work.

One thing that’s a guarantee at a Micheal Feinstein show is that he’ll have something in the bag of tricks that anyone can enjoy. The myth about Feinstein is that his piano teacher refused to work with him because Feinstein would not read the sheets; but instead, he played by ear. If it’s true or not, that serves him well in his concerts. He’s checking the temperature of the crowd and is always ready to adjust his set list to ensure that the mood is just right. Those are things that you pick up when you play at bars for many years. Something that Feinstein has done plenty of.

The Pavilion at Ravina is one of the best venues to catch a show like this. If you’re looking for space to step up and dance to the more catchy tunes Feinstein will be playing, you may want to buy a ticket to the lawn area. People who are looking to get up close and have personal experience to really see the man at work are better suited with seats inside the theater. Just like Micheal Feinstein The Pavilion at Ravina has something for everyone. You’ll see that on display on Sunday, June 23rd.

Michael Feinstein at Ravinia Pavilion

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