Ravinia Steans Music Institute – Jazz Grandstand at The Pavilion at Ravinia

Ravinia Steans Music Institute - Jazz Grandstand Tickets

Ravinia Pavilion | Highland Park, Illinois

Ravinia Steans Music Institute - Jazz Grandstand

And all that jazz! The Ravinia Steans Music Institute is hosting its traditional Jazz Grandstand at The Pavilion at Ravinia on Tuesday, 18th June 2024. This 2024 season is one of new beginnings and goodbyes for the Ravinia Steans Music Institute. It’s going to be the last season of jazz director Rufus Reid after more than two decades leading the program in Highland Park, Illinois. Summer events have become very popular in the community. Part of that is the seating layout at the Pavilion. At the same concert, people can have completely different experiences depending on where they are sitting.

Jazz events of this magnitude are typically a bit more formal. If you’re going to be sitting near the stage, you’ll want to be dressed for the occasion. People who are looking to hear some jazz on a summer day without having to dress up may want to grab a seat in the garden area. That could be a perfect compliment to a family picnic. The venue is decent in size, but you’ll want to click the get tickets button to ensure you don’t miss out, regardless of where you want to sit.

People who have never been to The Pavilion at Ravinia always ask the same question. What’s the best experience that you can have here? As mentioned, attending the concert within the theater is one thing; being out on the lawn is another. The interior theater area seats about 3500 people. That’s actually a fairly large number, and it may not fill up for the jazz grandstand. People who really enjoy the music and the event as a formal concert-going experience are going to want to sit inside on June 18th. There’s something about dressing up and going to a concert that’s almost old school. Most people are not used to “dressing up” for anything these days.

As mentioned, the way that you’ll experience the concert is going to be completely different out in the garden area. Keep in mind that The Pavilion at Ravinia is one of the few venues in the country that allows people to bring full meals to concerts. This occasion can be the perfect opportunity to have a family outing while listening to one of the best formal jazz bands on the East Coast. The garden is also the perfect area for those people who like music but complain at times when it gets a bit too loud. While you’ll be able to perfectly listen to every note from the gardens, you won’t be overwhelmed by the sound at any point.

Regardless of the experience that you want to have, this is a perfect event for the entire family to enjoy. Unlike some other concert outings on a Tuesday, this one is perfect for a scenario where you have to go to work the next day. It’s a very family-oriented atmosphere that’s present throughout the venue. The type of performance that you’re going to see also helps keep away any kind of rowdy crowds. As mentioned, this 2024 season is going to be marked by goodbyes and hellos. That could make for very sentimental performances. This is something that people in the crowd are likely going to be able to pick up. It adds that sense of nostalgia that is already a part of the experience regardless. Even if you’re not a jazz superfan, this can still be an event you’ll enjoy.

Ravinia Steans Music Institute - Jazz Grandstand at Ravinia Pavilion

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