The High Kings & Gaelic Storm: The Might Tour 2 at The Pavilion at Ravinia

The High Kings & Gaelic Storm Tickets

Ravinia Pavilion | Highland Park, Illinois

The High Kings & Gaelic Storm

So you wanna go to a real party?

A double bill of the best Irish music is on the cards: The High Kings and Gaelic Storm are bringing The Mighty Tour 2 to The Pavilion at Ravinia on 22 August 2024!

The High Kings, the heirs of Ireland’s folk music heritage, and Gaelic Storm, a category 6 mega-hurricane of traditional Irish and Scottish folk mixed with Celtic Rock, are teaming up again for a spectacular co-headlining evening of Celtic music!

Both groups made their mark internationally, making crowds everywhere jig, polka, and reel, having a heck of a good time. If there have ever been fine purveyors of traditional and innovative Celtic rock and folk, where traditional meets modern, it would be The High Kings and Gaelic Storm, and they are making their Ravinia debut this season!

Tickets to the not-so-third-class Irish party of the year are flying faster than fingers over those traditional instruments – and priced from only $74, it is little surprise. You don't want to kick yourself when you see they're sold out, so hit that button and get yours right now!

They're back on the road, spreading the cheer, and we're all over it like Scalliwags!

It doesn't matter what kind of music you're into – when kings and storms meet, musical magic and mischief are about to go down, and you'll be swept up and converted. Country lovin’ folk adore the storytelling aspect; bluegrass-heads love the instrumentals; Celtic fans love the dedication to tradition; and rockers adore the passion.

Multi-national Celtic hurricane Gaelic Storm started coming into their own after 20 years of success – an anomaly at its core. They’re constantly touring, constantly honing their craft, constantly charming audiences off their feet with epic bangers such as “Blarney Pilgrim," "John Ryan's Polka," "Kesh Jig," "Drowsy Maggie," "Scalliwag," and "The Night I Punched Russell Crowe." The group had massive success on the Billboard World Music Charts and released 13 studio albums, with everything you can think of and more – from drinking songs to beautiful folk songs, from spritely instrumentals to perfectly poppy songs, and even a raucous pirate song. Gaelic Storm featured in the blockbuster film, "Titanic," as the Irish band in steerage. The group comprises multi-instrumentalists Patrick Murphy, Steve Twigger, Ryan Lacey, Peter Purvis, and Natalya Kay.

The High Kings, comprising Finbarr Clancy, Darren Holden, Brian Dunphy, and Paul O'Brien, have been at the forefront of traditional Irish music for 15 years, and there is no sign of stepping down from the throne. With over 1,5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, two platinum albums, and multiple chart toppers, their army of generation-spanning fans across the globe is ever-growing. The bar is set extremely high – with their captivating harmonies, high-energy performances, timeless melodies, and unique blend of old and traditional with new, sold-out shows are guaranteed. Their performances are a feast of well-known hits and spectacular musicianship fit for a king, with bangers such as "The Parting Glass," "The Rocky Road To Dublin," "Irish Pub Song," and "The Black Velvet Band."

The 'reel' party is where the two Celtic forces are – the 3,400-seat Pavilion at Ravinia. The outdoor amphitheatre sports a covered area and general lawn seating – perfect for kicking back and enjoying an evening of fantastic entertainment under the stars!

The High Kings & Gaelic Storm at Ravinia Pavilion

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