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Ravinia Pavilion | Highland Park, Illinois

Aznavoorian Duo

Thursday, September 12th, promises to be one of the more elegant nights in The Pavilion at Ravinia. Sisters cellist Ani Aznavoorian and pianist Marta Aznavoorian are bringing their Legacies from Armenia to America tour to Highland Park, Illinois, to give people a calm late summer night. The two are impressive musicians who complement each other perfectly to play the tunes of some old town classics as well as unique pieces that they’ve created. It’s going to be a real treat to be in the crowd that night. This is due to the versatility that the sisters bring to their concerts.

World Class classical music performers like the Aznavoorian Duo understand that the success of their concert relies on being able to play the emotions of the audience. It’s never going to be a full, somber set of classical gems, but a mixture of some upbeat pieces as well. Many of which, attendees may even want to have a dance with their partners to. If you want to live this experience, be sure to click the get tickets button today!

The sisters released their first full album, “Gems from Armenia” only in 2022. However, they’ve been performing both as a duo and separately for many more years. The album perfectly captures their essence as an act. They can mix in some of the traditional Armenian folk tunes that they likely learned at home with some well-known all-time classics. It’s going to be a night for guests to really flow with the music and the heavy emotions that the sisters are known to provoke.

It’s important to point out that lawn tickets will not be available for the event. In fact, it’s taking place inside Bennett Gordon Hall. This makes it the perfect night to come well-dressed with your partner to truly enjoy the music that the sisters are going to be playing. It’s a great call on the part of The Ravinia management to take this event to the hall. This ensures that it doesn’t lose that touch of elegance that the sisters are known to provide.

Another thing that’s evident on stage with the Asnavoorian Duo is the chemistry that they share. This doesn’t just allow both of them to hit their notes perfectly every time out. There’s just something about Ani on the cello looking back at Marta on the piano to get on the same page with a light smile and that sense of sisterly love. Those details may seem insignificant, but they create a sense of warmth and closeness that permeates onto the crowd. It really helps these events lose this sense of being too uptight. When you add the Bennett Gordon Hall into the mix, it’s almost like guests will be within the sisters’ own home, just like a fly on the wall watching them practice.

Naturally, taking this opportunity to sit right next to the stage will be one that you won’t regret. These are the best spots not only to hear the music but also to see the artists at work, which is something that’s too often overlooked in these types of events. If you just want to enjoy the music, any seat in the house is going to be perfect. That’s the beauty of the Bennett Gordon Hall. Be sure to click the get tickets button to be a part of this elegant night of classical music.

Aznavoorian Duo at Ravinia Pavilion

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