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Ravinia Pavilion | Highland Park, Illinois


The man in the cello is spreading rejoicing as the premier cellist HAUSER puts the mesmerizing strings to the state of Illinois with his Rebel With The Cello Tour on Friday, 14th of June, at The Pavilion at Ravinia, Illinois. Known as the other half of the famous cello duo 2Cellos, HAUSER will bring his first solo tour on the go as he shows his multifaceted talents in cello that will leave the fans in awe. With over 4 billion views on streaming platforms, the amazing cellist will fuel the storm as he performs his music live in front of music lovers who will put them in a musical chamber. Winning 21 first prizes in several prestigious music competitions, the Croatian superstar is pulling the strings heavier as he showcases his music, including his first solo album, Classic, which topped the billboard charts for weeks. Prepare for a musical heater as the musical guru HAUSER ramps up the live stages with his captivating cello for the fans to enjoy. Grab your tickets now!

Get ready to be mesmerized as the Croatian cello superstar HAUSER drops a show to the Illinois corners with his Rebel With The Cello Tour on Friday, June 14, 2024, at The Pavilion at Ravinia, Illinois. Bound with his soulful and soothing melodies, Hauser is set to be on good rhythms as his style and music put the fans on transcending feelings with every note from his cello enveloping the whole setting.

As part of his first-ever world tour, HAUSER will be visiting North America, dropping a show in Illinois to bless the fans with this godly music. Equipped with mastery in cello with his despicable touch of elegance and magic in every vibration, HAUSER is indeed a master of his work as he leads the stages to showcase a live performance you have never seen before.

From his unforgettable rendition of Smooth Criminal, HAUSER is known as the other half of the famous cello duo 2Cellos with Luka Sulic. As their amazing run comes to an end, Hauser is starting a path on his own as he started his solo career, releasing his first solo album, Classic, in 2020. With his explosive music, fiery cello artistry, and talent to connect to the audience with every note of his strings, HAUSER captivated not only the musical ears of the fans but also their hearts as they showed love on every release. With that, he bagged 21 first prizes in national and international competitions, marking his virtuosity in playing the cello. As he released his latest album, The Player, HAUSER is on the heater as he showcases his famous dance tracks from the album to the live stages, giving the fans a treat of grooviness and funkiness with the rhythm retro it resonates.

“In the long term, classical music is something that always finds its way and always winds in the end,” Hauser said on his resolve in making music.

The Pavilion at Ravinia will be the location of the cello-rific classic renditions of HAUSER as his Rebel With The Cello Tour finds its way to the center. With its open-air covered pavilion, equipped with the nicest sounds and amazing production, the show will never falter as HAUSER dives deep into his musical score to deliver the best musical show that will make the fans with every emotion. Get your tickets now!

Hauser at Ravinia Pavilion

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