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Ravinia Pavilion | Highland Park, Illinois

Julieta Venegas

Listening to Julieta’s accordion while you have some tacos on the lawn at The Ravinia. Is there a better way to spend Mexican Independence Day than that? Maybe the only thing that will make it better is having BAE right beside you on that night. One of the biggest names in Spanish pop music, Julieta Venegas is coming to The Pavilion at Ravinia on Sunday 15th September 2024. In a sense she’s one of those acts that is Mexican pop but she combines her songs with her accordion as mentioned. Sooo we could say that she’s a bit of the biggest star in Mexican folk music. The Ravinia in Highland Park, Illinois is a venue that’s known as one of the best spots for these types of concerts.

Come with your friends or your significant other and enjoy this experience. Nothing similar to this is coming to Highland Park this year. You won’t want to miss out! Click the get tickets button to ensure you’ll be here come September 15th.

Julieta released her latest album “Tu Historia” in 2022. She still wants to promote many of the songs from it in her latest shows. Let’s be completely honest though, the crowd’s going to go wild when she walks out with her accordion and starts to hit the tunes of “Andar Conmigo.” Her biggest hit just got a new boost thanks to the soccer team Cruz Azul adopting it as their anthem throughout the latest Liga Mx playoffs.

The team came up short eventually but Julieta probably has nothing but gratitude because it really put her back on the map in a way that her latest albums and singles just hadn’t! She’s not going to have any hard feelings, though. You can expect the set list on this night in mid-September to include “Me Voy”, “Limon y Sal” , all of the vintage Julieta songs. She knows that those are exactly the tracks that people are going to want to hear in the Pavilion at Ravinia.

If you’re on the fence about who you can bring to the Ravinia on this night in September don’t worry too much. Julieta is one of those singers who’ve been able to create a very diverse audience. Sure, a lot of the romantics in the crowd are going to be singing along to her greatest hits. That doesn’t mean that it’s just couples who are going to be enjoying the music. The Cruz Azul fans proved this over the last few months. Anyone who knows anything about Latin pop in the last few decades knows her songs.

Big fans of Julieta are going to be more than happy to sit stage side at The Ravinia. In fact, that may be the best spot for couples on that night. You have to show your significant other that you’re willing to invest in their happiness. To be honest, though, the experience seems a lot more appealing from the garden area on this night! The tacos or sandwiches with a few pitchers of beer while you sing at the top of your lungs “Dime si tu quisieras andar conmigo” seems like a better idea. Wherever you want to be on that night, don’t forget to click the get tickets button soon!

Julieta Venegas at Ravinia Pavilion

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