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Ravinia Pavilion | Highland Park, Illinois

Laurie Berkner

Looking for an event to keep the kids occupied for an afternoon this summer? Well, you’re in luck! Famed child performer and singer-songwriter Laurie Berkner is on her way to the Ravinia Pavilion in Highland Park, Illinois. So, what are you waiting for? Get you and your kiddos some tickets, pack the car, and get on the road this August 3rd 2024. It’s sure to be a real hoot!

Laurie Berkner originally pursued a career in music completely outside of the world she’s built with her original songs today. In fact, she first wanted to make a name for herself as a rock musician for an adult audience. After battling writer’s block day-in and day-out, she started coming up with lyrics for children’s songs, and the rest is history. To see her in action, catch her Ravinia Pavilion show - your kids will thank me later.

While she didn’t initially want to pursue children’s music, Laurie Berkner has always had a passion for child education and care. Before she started her short-lived career as an indie rock musician, she worked in various child care facilities as a children’s music specialist in New York. This background knowledge of children’s music is what she eventually leaned into when stuck without inspiration as a member of her defunct rock band, Red Onion. Where she originally found no inspiration in her creative mind, she was suddenly overcome with ideas for new kid’s music.

Now, she’s utterly unstoppable. In the year 2015 alone she released eight albums and now boasts a collection of over 20 studio albums. On top of endlessly releasing music that perfectly sings to kids, she regularly hits the road to tour with her band, performing for kiddos all around the world to show them just how magical music can be. There really isn’t anyone like her. With her distinct indie rock influences from her past in a rock band, she makes music that feels mature but is still geared towards a younger audience. Kids love her, parents love her, and now’s your chance to see her live with your whole family. Don’t be shy, get some tickets!!

Laurie Berkner is an icon. Since 1992, she’s released hit after hit with no signs of stopping. Kids all over the world know her for songs like We Are The Dinosaurs and Waiting For The Elevator. Not to mention, any given video of her official songs get upwards of 60 million views on Youtube. There’s just something special about her, something you can’t deny. Especially when you see her live and get to watch your child along with every other child in the room have the same magical reaction to her performance with her band. It’s truly magic the way she entertains kids. Her songs are upbeat and educational, and perfect for kids aged 2-10. If you’re a parent in need of something to grab your kiddo’s attention, you can’t miss her performance at the Ravinia Pavilion in Illinois. Don’t let your kid miss out! Tickets are on sale now, so be there or be square.

Laurie Berkner at Ravinia Pavilion

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